Richard’s  Photography

My 60th birthday treat started with a family party  at DaSandro’s which culminated in the  promise of a trip the following January on Hurtigruten Trollfjord to see the Northern Lights and to go dog-sledding.

Sure enough in January 2006 Judith and I flew out to Bergen from Manchester (via Aberdeen because of an SAS pilot’s strike) where we joined Trollfjord.

Although we had an icy reception at Trondheim , the weather was exceptionally warm.

Eventually,we did see the Nordlys at Svolvær from Trollfjord’s upper deck . It was a case of whoever saw the Northern Lights they had to spread the word as quickly as possible. What a show! Flaming red and yellow curtains as well as the greens . Thanks to Eric Mathre from the USA for his pictures.

We made many new friends including Sheila and Hamish, with whom we shared are dining table on Trollfjord.

Unfortunately, the snow didn’t arrive in Tromsø until the day after our visit to the huskies and their sleds at Tromsø Villmarkssenter so we couldn’t have a ride. Perhaps next time.

During our flight home via Oslo  we were treated to sunrise (yes, sunrise) during the late afternoon as we flew south from the Arctic. Echos of supersonic flights to the USA on Concorde.

A birthday treat never to be forgotten, thanks to my dear wife.

To see more of Eric’s pictures go to and select Norway 2006 -Northern Lights Festival


Northern Lights 2006