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Some more photos from my collection , close-ups of Nordhordland bridge (part floating and part cable-stayed) - I hope you like them.

The bridge  is 1610 metres long. It is the longest pontoon bridge in the world without lateral anchorage.  The sailing clearance is 32 metres which is quite sufficient for the Hurtigrute coastal ships which occasionally use the shipping lane.

After its opening on the 22nd  September 1994 by the Norwegian King Harald, when it replaced the nearby ferries from Knarvik to Steinestø, it was tolled for  the first few years of its life - 45 Norwegian kroner for a car.

During August 2005 346,235 vehicles crossed the bridge, an average of 11,169 per day. In the first 11 years 32 million vehicles had used the bridge. The tolls were removed at 16.00hr on the 31st December 2005  after the capital cost of the bridge of 1,374 million Norwegian Kroner had been repaid.

My Photos of Nordhordland Bridge  Assembled Jan 09

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Nordhordlandbrua 2005

Location Map of Nordhordland bridge