Blakelaw Lane Bridge M62


Blakelaw Lane Bridge

Blakelaw Lane over M62 Motorway

Grid Ref  SE 170 228                                    Constructed 1972 -1973

Following the collapse of the steel box girder bridge  (Cleddau) at Milford Haven South Wales in 1970. I was drafted into a team of bridge engineers with West Yorkshire County Council, tasked with carrying out structural design checks to the box girder bridges currently being designed for the last section of the M62 Motorway in West Yorkshire to be completed. Gerry Morgan and Ian Smelt were my co-members of the team. I recall several visits to the Department of Transport in London to discuss the latest amendments to the Interim Design Rules.

In accordance with the requirements set down by the Merrison Committee appointed by the Department of Transport for Steel Box girder bridges (SBG6A) the team checked the design as it progressed and as the design rules  were continually updated by the Merrison team.

Unlike Kirklees Viaduct, the necessary changes to the stiffener arrangements in Blakelaw Lane Bridge (and the similar Hunsworth Lane bridge) could be made before the boxes were erected.

Both Blakelaw Lane and Hunsworth Lane bridges are located where the motorway has a tight horizontal curve such that a centre pier would have interfered with sight lines along the motorway. hence the long span and the need for steel box construction rather than concrete.

I have  included some  construction photographs on the next page.

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Read more about Steel Box Girder bridges in the Paper by A.R. Flint in the Institution of  Structural  Engineers.

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