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Kings Road, Bradford                                                Grid Ref SE 165 356

Footway under Uncl. Kings Road                                 Date of Construction 1980

Location Map                    Kings Road Subway

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The Kings Road Subway was constructed by tunnelling through an existing embankment under Kings Road. Advance grouting ensured that settlement of the carriageways was kept to a minimum, with traffic unaffected by the works.

I was appointed Resident Engineer for the works,travelling to site on a part-time basis.

A thrust block was constructed on the west side of the embankment and a shield jacked forward under the embankment. Precast concrete tunnel lining units were then inserted and back-grouted.

Some settlement did occur at carriageway level, but was easily remedied by re-surfacing.

Unfortunately, I did not see completion of the project, since I was promoted to Senior Section Engineer on the 1st September and took on other duties.