Knowsthorpe Crescent Bridge, East Leeds Radial


Knowsthorpe Crescent Bridge

A63 over Knowsthorpe Branch, Leeds

Grid Ref SE 316 324                                            Date of Construction 2007-08

Knowsthorpe Crescent Bridge was built around 2007 as part of the East Leeds Radial Link road from the Inner Ring Road to the M1 motorway Junction 45.

Knowsthorpe Crescent bridge has a long history. The re-decking and widening were proposed many years before the East leeds Radial and  the M1 motorway extension were conceived. In fact, I did some early design work on the bridge deck  and abutments in ????? (research year in CV). I recall how the West Yorkshire Laboratory were carrying out borehole investigation for the west abutment extension and managed to hit a gas main.  The final design was carried out in Bridges Section by a team lead by Steve Gombocz C.Eng.,M.I.C.E. under my direction as Bridges Manager and Technical Approval Authority.

The deck consists of precast prestressed (M?) beams with a composite reinforce concrete deck. The original brick abutments were strengthened and extended, with particular attention being paid to the the connection between old and new. Th abutments have spread footings on sandstone. I recall that during the excavations problems arose in reaching suitable strata so that differential settlement between the old and new abutments was minimised.   A longitudinal joint is located in the bridge deck along the central reserve between the carriageways

Although the railway is only a single track branch, it carries freight traffic to the nearby oil terminal. Hence the risk of vehicles penetrating the parapets was high and High Containment parapets were called for by Railtrack.

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Location Plan                          Knowsthorpe Crescent Bridge

Knowsthorpe Crescent Bridge from the North

A63 Knowsthorpe Crescent bridge facing east