Moor Road Railway Bridge, Leeds Inner Ring Road


Moor Road Railway  Bridge

A61 over Leeds-Derby Line, Leeds

Grid Ref SE 305 316                                            Date of Construction 2007-08

Moor Road Railway Bridge was built around 2007/08 as part of Stage 7B of the Inner Ring Road.

The deck is steel plate girders in Corten steel composite with a reinforced concrete deck slab. Corten steel  is a weathering steel which forms a protective patina of iron oxide (rust) on the surface that does not require painting. in locations such a railway bridges the additional initial cost of the special steel is recovered over the life-cycle of the structure, since expensive rail track possessions are not required for maintenance painting every 20 years or so.

The bridge is unusual in the sharply curving alignment of the carriageway, which forms a high-speed access from the Leeds Inner Ring Road to Moor Road and the southbound slip road onto the M621 Motorway. Consequently the deck is splayed in the south east quadrant to accommodate the carriageway.

The bridge was designed by  Usman Patel M.I.C.E. as part of the Mouchel Parkman / Leeds City Council joint team.

I acted as Technical Approval Authority in my capacity as Bridges Manager (Chief Engineer Bridges) for Leeds City Council. This role involved agreeing the relevant design standards including any departures from standards, approving all materials and ensuring that the appropriate ground investigations had been carried out.

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Location Plan                                Moor Road Railway Bridge

Moor Road Railway Bridge from the South

A61 Moor Road Railway Bridge facing south