Park Road Bridge, Elland Bypass


The Park Road Bridge carries the A629 Elland By-pass over the A6025 Park Road and the Calder & Hebble Navigation canal.

Grid Ref SE 107 214                                    Date of Construction  1976

Park Road bridge carries the Elland Bypass over the A6025 Halifax to Brighouse Road. The bypass is on a tight curve as it negotiates the crossings of the River Calder and Calder & Hebble canal, before swinging around the side of the Calder valley. Hence the bridge is built to an extreme angle of skew.

In order to avoid a short double abutment in the narrow strip of land between Park Road and the canal the line of the superstructure was designed continuous with the centre pier section constructed in reinforced concrete. Hexagonal reinforced concrete piers are integral with the superstructure. The foundations are spread footings.

I carried out an independent design check on the centre piers, which had been deigned by a colleague, Peter Eyre. Having analysed the structure using a 3D structural analysis programme, I then analysed the columns using a bespoke reinforced concrete computer analysis for loadings of compression and bi-axial bending. I concluded that additional reinforcement was required in several areas. The additional reinforcement was duly added to the design.

The connections between the steel beam and RC composite deck slab and the reinforced concrete centre pier are by half joints. This type of detail has gradually fallen out of favour because of the difficulties of access for maintenance.

The half joints in the Wharfe Bridge (Wetherby) are a good example of the problems that can arise during the lifetime of this type of detail. See my Wharfe bridge page for more information (in course of preparation).

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Location Map          Park Road Bridge

Elland By Pass from ‘The Rough’

Park Road Bridge can be seen to the left of centre

Park Road Bridge

from Park Road facing East