River Calder Bridge, Elland Bypass


The River Calder bridge carries the A629 Elland By-pass over the River Calder. To avoid obstructing the river channel, the separate spans are  connected to box girder crossheads which are supported on pairs of columns.

Grid Ref SE 110 214                                    Date of Construction  1976

Following the work on the Kirklees Viaduct box girders, I was called in to check a colleague’s (Peter Sugden’s) design for the box girder cross heads on the River Calder bridge on the Elland By-pass.

By this time, the design rules had been finalised in the Final Report of the Merrison Committee and thus the SBG6A requirements were incorporated internally within the girders leaving a clean external face.

Access to the interior of the boxes is provided through manholes in the vertical outer faces under the parapet cantilevers. The manholes are sealed with bolted cover plates.

Transverse box-girder cross-head passing over hexagonal pier

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Location map          River Calder Bridge

General  view of River Calder bridge facing south-west