Shilling Hill Bridge                                                         Grid Ref SE 477229

M62 over A645 Knottingley Road, Ferrybridge              Date of Remedial Works 1985

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Location Map        Shilling Hill Bridge (M62 over A645 on the left)

Shilling Hill Bridge was built under the Hopetown - Ferrybridge Contract of the M62 Motorway between 1972 and 1974. The Motorway Archive web page adds more details.

Although the design of the bridge  - 3 Span simply supported decks -  allowed for the effect of old coal mine workings, the bridge was severely tested when coal was extracted from seams directly below the bridge in 1984 under workings from the nearby Prince of Wales Colliery. The resulting settlement was of the order of 1 metre, but was not uniform. After the settlement wave had passed under the bridge the abutments had permanent differential settlements giving significant twists to the bridge decks. Due to their flexible construction - longitudinal prestressed beams linked only  by end diaphragms over the bearings and a relatively thin reinforced concrete deck- the decks did not suffer any damage and retained their full load-carrying capacities.

In 1985 I managed a contract worth £250,000 to jack the three separate decks of Shilling Hill bridge, (together with two adjacent motorway underbridges, Narrowbeck over a railway and Myson over a minor road) to an untwisted profile and replace all bearings on new bearing plinths. All jacks were interconnected in a hydraulic system and the lifting operation closely monitored with dial gauges. The motorway remained open to traffic throughout the operation, which was completed by the reconstruction of all deck movement joints. Jacking of Narrowbeck bridge took place during the night under a railway closure.

Unfortunately I do not have any photographs taken during the contract..

At last, in March 2010 I made the trip to Ferrybridge and took some photographs of the bridge. I also put an entry onto the Geograph website at the same time, see

Shillinghill Bridge from the East, March 2010