Simon Bottoms Bridge

A653 over A6110, Southern Outer Ring Road, Leeds

Grid Ref SE 284 291                                                Date of Construction 1982

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Location Plan                             Simon Bottoms Bridge

Simon Bottoms Bridge is a single-cell, trapezoidal section, in-situ prestressed concrete 3 span bridge, built at a cost of £172,000.

I supervised and directed the team responsible for the design and provision of technical support to site staff. The superstructure designer was Ray Peat, who left West Yorkshire MCC shortly after completion for a new post in Aberdeen. Since the deck is slightly curved horizontally it was necessary to overcome torsional effects by locating the bearings at the widest possible spacing under the end trimmer beam.

Concrete finishes are exposed timber boards to the deck soffit and exposed aggregate to the vertical faces of the parapet cantilevers.

Since construction the open appearance of the bridge, supported by the pair of circular reinforced concrete columns has been spoilt by the dense growth of (planted) vegetation.