Woodhouse Lane Multi-Storey Car-Park, Leeds Inner Ring Road                 2010


Installation of Protection to Piers

Car Park over Leeds Inner Ring Road, Leeds

Grid Ref SE 299 344                                            Date of Pier Strengthening  2006

Woodhouse Lane MSCP was built around 1965 concurrent with the Inner Ring Road.

In the early 2000s, as part of the management of the Inner Ring Road Structures, I requested a structural risk assessment to be carried out on the effect on the car park of a severe impact on one of the supporting columns which are located adjacent to traffic lanes. at the time the protection to these columns was minimal - Armco corrugated steel barrier. The result of the analysis, which was carried out by Building Structures engineers within Leeds CC, showed that the loss of one column could have a catastrophic effect on the multi-storey car park and also on the Inner Ring Road.

Funding was sought and gained from within the city Council for a scheme to provide reinforced concrete protective barriers to all the columns sited within highway limits.

The works were designed by Dr. Aaron Okorie C.Eng., M.I.C.E. supervised by Stuart Rothwell M.I.C.E. under my direction as Bridges Manager for Leeds City Council. Dr Okorie also supervised the site works under night and weekend shift working, for which we were indebted.

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Location Plan                                   Woodhouse Lane MSCP

Woodhouse Lane MSCP from the East

Woodhouse Lane MSCP approach from W/B on Sliproad

Woodhouse Lane MSCP Pier Protection East side

December 2009